• "TPRM has been a tremendous asset for us. They’re team players who have helped us connect with the consumers we need to reach. And best of all, they share our passion for driving business."

    Donnie Gould, President
    Auctions America by RM
  • "Scott is one of the most solid PR guys I have ever known. He's landed our cars on the front cover of countless magazines and Internet sites and put our little company square in the face of thousands of performance enthusiasts. There's no doubt that his knowledge of our brand and love of performance drives his passion for his work."

    Carroll Shelby, CEO and Owner
    Shelby American
  • "The TPRM quickly learned our industry and started delivering on their campaign promises the first month we started working with them."

    Ty Woodhall, VP Marketing
    Rockford-Fosgate Car Audio
  • "The wheelchair mobility market is a very tough business. We turned to TRPM for real solutions to help our company stand out and overcome challenges in our niche market. And over the past year, they have delivered beyond my expectations. I've come to believe in the power of PR and don't think I'll ever be without it again."

    Doug Eaton, President
    Vantage Mobility Inc
  • "TimePiece has brought the level of PR for our shows, up to a fine art."

    Ken Eberts, President,
    Automotive Fine Arts Society
  • "Scott and his team have provided invaluable social media and event management expertise for our brands. Not only have they secured TV coverage and ride-n-drives with key journalists in our market, but they've pushed our blog to the next level with industry-leading news and market updates."

    Sonny Morgan, Partner
    John Eagle European
  • "TPRM's experience in the automotive market has been a tremendous asset to our company gaining marketshare in North America. Not only have they been able to place editorial in key safety transportation publications, but through their contacts we secured exhibit space at trade shows that were otherwise sold out."

    Brian McCoy, VP Sales & Marketing
    MiX Telematics North America
  • "It's rare to find a public relations firm that understands the revolutionary commingling of the PR and marketing disciplines for completely integrated campaigns. TPRM has added tremendous value to our brand and continues to drive results as a seamless extension of our own marketing department."

    Cindi Wakefield,
    Cirro Energy

The JUMP START Program:
Our JUMP START program will take your marketing program from 0-60 fast! We know that start-up companies, as well as new business initiatives or special projects, sometimes need a big marketing boost - that's what JUMP START is for.

The Time:
The JUMP START program typically takes 30 days to implement, depending on your response time to our work. While the digital media progress is often immediate, because of lead times, sometimes printed stories appear up to 3 months after we've arranged the article with the journalist.

The Tools:
The basic tools we've included in the JUMP START program are proven, essential marketing tactics that get you out in front of the right audience.

The Cost:
We've structured the cost of the JUMP START program to complement your start-up budget. Let's talk.

The JUMP START program features:

Public Relations
  1. An AP style news release with up to 3 revisions and logo included
  2. Industry-specific press list
  3. News release distribution on a local or regional wire service
  4. News release distribution (one photo included) to the industry press list
  5. News release posted to appropriate blogs and Internet sites
  6. Respond to media queries about the news release
Digital Media
  1. Electronic flyer for emailing
  2. Internet ad with placement on up to 3 web sites
  1. A business card design (applicable for up to 5 people)
  2. An 8.5"x11" flyer or direct-mail piece
Marketing Strategy / Consultation
  1. Detailed web site consultation
  2. Up to 2 hours of marketing consultation/brainstorming
  3. Monthly report of JUMP START progress and results