We Take a Business Approach to Growing Brands

TimePiece Public Relations is more than your marketing partner, we’re your business partner. We drive brand growth and performance with strategic marketing and by leveraging our 20 years of business experience to uncover new revenue streams and partnerships.

TimePiece PR has been building brands and driving sales for start-ups, growth-phase and established companies for 20 years. Need publicity? We’ll raise your company’s awareness with a creative PR campaign. Need more site traffic? We’ll create a tailored digital strategy. Feeling disconnected? We’ll update your look and grow your social media presence with engaging ads and content.

Need to get your foot in the door with a new business partner? We’ll connect you. It’s part of what we bring to the table to grow your brand. Let’s sit down to analyze, research, brainstorm and define your goals before we start your campaign.

Taking our Clients to New Heights

As the TimePiece Public Relations & Marketing team dives into an action packed 2024, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a few highlights from 2023. It was a year that showcased several ways we help our clients, through public relations, event management, general marketing, digital design, and business development.

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Talking with us is a great idea. Missing out on growing your brand is not.
Let’s connect. It’s time to start building your business.

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