3 Websites That Work Wonders

If you want to be a better writer, bury yourself in Pulitzer prize-winning pieces. If you want to be a better videographer, make yourself at home in the local movie theater. If you want a better website for your PR agency, look at our compiled list of top three websites.

  • TimePiece PR & Marketing – Not to toot our own horn, but we at TPRM aim to draw in our visitors with visual-focused and aesthetically-appealing pages. Making sure to have graphics on every page with functioning links, we also add new technological advances such as the slider on our home page.
  • Apple – Known for its smart phones and computers enjoyed worldwide, this technology giant has lots of content to choose from. From products to support, you could spend hours on this website. Soon, you’ll be bookmarking the site and coming back for their newest product launches. And that’s exactly what they want.
  • R/M Design School – Opening with a video of bursting colors on the front page background, R/M Design School knows what draws visitors deeper into their site. With clean-cut, simple boxes and crisp content, R/M Design School sets a good example for anyone looking to step up their website game.

As summer progresses, prepare to do some spring cleaning on your website by weeding out dead pages and dead links to liven up the overall site appearance. At TimePiece PR & Marketing, we are website enthusiasts who firmly believe in the power of a great site. The sleeker and more stylish the pages, the more likely a visitor will read the content you push and return for more. Interested in sprucing up your website and transforming your business? Contact us today to learn how.