ACAT Global Helps Arch Motorcycle Meet Global Emissions for New KRGT-1

DETROIT – Sept 9, 2020 – ACAT Global, which manufactures sophisticated catalytic converters for internal combustion engines, played a critical role in helping ARCH Motorcycle, the Los Angeles based bespoke production motorcycle company co-founded by Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves, achieve emissions certification for its new KRGT-1 motorcycle worldwide. ACAT Global collaborated with ARCH Motorcycle to create a lightweight and cost-effective metallic catalytic converter that meets standards throughout the United States and all countries that adhere to Euro 4 regulations. ARCH Motorcycle recently secured Euro 4 certification of the KRGT-1, making it possible for ARCH to distribute their motorcycles to customers in the UK and throughout the European market.

“A catalyzed exhaust system was required for ARCH to meet the strict tailpipe emission standards required for Euro 4 standards and beyond,” said ARCH Motorcycle co-founder Gard Hollinger. “The low volume and bespoke nature of ARCH Motorcycle always makes finding suppliers willing to help create a version of their product which is unique to us both challenging and satisfying. From the beginning, ACAT Global enthusiastically supported the process of creating unique catalytic converter units for our exhaust, without which we could not have achieved emissions certification approval of the KRGT-1.”

Every ARCH Motorcycle is designed to be tailored through a bespoke ergonomic and aesthetic package, created in close partnership with the client throughout the 90-day build process. The result is an ARCH motorcycle completely unique to each owner.

Powered by a signature 124ci S&S/ARCH V-twin engine, the KRGT-1 is noted for its handling and performance characteristics without compromising all day cruising ability. The latest model features over 20 major changes involving more than 150 newly designed and manufactured components. The new ARCH KRGT-1 features redesigned bodywork, upgraded suspension, ergonomic enhancements, updated braking components and safety features including standard ABS.

ACAT Global’s proprietary catalytic converter and exhaust technology is engineered for the most demanding on and off-road performance applications. These cost-effective products are 50-state compliant and typically offer higher quality and better value than the traditional products.

“It was an exciting challenge to help ARCH Motorcycle launch the exciting KRGT-1 worldwide,” said Joe Moch, CEO of ACAT Global. “Their goal was to create a motorcycle that could be registered and enjoyed on any street in the world. We harnessed our decades of experience to create a lightweight, durable catalytic converter in a custom shape and package with extreme high performance capabilities. Our final solution was the perfect match of form and function.”

The joint development team collaborated between Southern California and Detroit. Once the design for the exciting new motorcycle’s components and system were finalized, a rigorous testing regimen was conducted. Next, government certification processes were completed worldwide.

“Earning key emission certifications while retaining the core ARCH design concepts of simplicity, elegance and innovation was a significant achievement for everyone,” said Moch. “This is a marvelous example of how collaboration between an OEM, government agency and ACAT Global can result in a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine that is fun, durable and green.”

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ARCH Motorcycle is a boutique manufacturer, co-founded by Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves, that produces bespoke production motorcycles in their state-of-the-art, Los Angeles area factory.  ARCH creates over 200 unique parts in-house which are proprietary to the KRGT-1, their first production model.  Designer and builder Gard Hollinger oversees a seasoned staff of devoted craftsmen who hand-assemble each unit to meet their client’s ergonomic and aesthetic preferences. 

ACAT Global delivers cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions that cut emissions, improve reliability and enhance horsepower for a broad spectrum of internal combustion engine (ICE) applications worldwide. The company’s proprietary catalytic converter and exhaust technology is engineered for the most demanding on and off-road performance applications. These cost-effective products are 50-state compliant and typically are of higher quality and better value than traditional products.

The ACAT Global portfolio of solutions includes metallic catalytic converters, ceramic catalytic converters and exhaust systems. Each of these advanced systems can be tailored to fit specific applications. From automotive to marine, off-road, motorcycle and power generators, ACAT Global makes the world cleaner – and greener – by optimizing the performance of ICEs. More information is available at