ACAT Global Launches National Initiative to Battle Climate Change with Advanced Catalytic Convertor Technology

CHARLEVOIX, MICHIGAN – October 5, 2021 – ACAT Global is launching a major initiative to battle climate change now that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has issued an Executive Order that allows its Metallic Series Catalytic Converters to be installed on select vehicles. Available for both domestic and import vehicles, the emissions control technology can be an important tool in slashing climate-damaging greenhouse gases today. Many other states follow these same rules, giving millions of Americans a reliable and effective tool against the climate crisis.

“The emerging climate crisis requires swift, decisive and reliable solutions,” said Joe Moch, CEO of ACAT Global. “Now with the latest round of Executive Orders issued by CARB, a significant step can be taken immediately that will cut emissions and reduce the amount of gasoline burned, all at an incredibly low price. This is technology that everyone can get behind, from environmentalists to government regulators, economists and the motoring public.”

ACAT Global’s metallic catalysts use proprietary technology to significantly reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, without sacrificing performance. Whether an OEM catalytic converter needs to be replaced because it no longer functions or was stolen, the approved systems can easily be installed by a local shop. Compared to alternative industry standard ceramic solutions, ACAT’s technology performs 33% better for NMOG, 20% better for CO and 75% better in NOx reduction.

The proprietary catalytic converter technology is engineered for the most demanding applications. These products are EPA and CARB compliant and typically cost less than the traditional products.

“I’ve been a proponent of implementing reliable technologies that can immediately impact the climate crisis for years,” said Dr. Matthew Frankel, Partner and Science Advisor of ACAT Global. “While electrification and other emerging technologies will be key to winning the battle, the science proves that we can inexpensively jump start carbon reductions immediately with ACAT’s technology.”

This new Executive Order by the California Air Resources Board will allow millions of consumers to curb emissions without busting their budgets. Other states with similar rules can also adapt ACAT Global’s catalytic converters as a universal or direct fit system through independent shops.

“We’re working closely with various government agencies to implement retrofit and replacement programs nationwide,” said Moch. “We are actively developing new distribution channels and tools to teach technicians and mechanics how to quickly install our technology on passenger vehicles in their area. We will reach directly to the motoring public through motorsports and other groups. We also welcome environmental groups to review the independent tests and help put this innovative solution into action immediately.”

According to the California ARB, automotive emissions account for over 50 percent of all smog-forming pollutants in California. To improve air quality, the California Air Resources Board requires vehicle manufacturers to develop engine and emission equipment systems that reduce the specific pollutants that cause California’s severe air quality problem. These emission control systems are also required to be proven durable and reliable.

To ensure systems operate as designed, California Vehicle Code and the Federal Clean Air Act prohibit modifications that increase motor vehicle emissions. An exemption from Vehicle Code Section 27156, California’s anti-tampering law, is required before any add-on or modified part can be sold in California. Executive Order # D-796-2 gives ACAT Global’s aftermarket catalytic converters an exemption for installation on select 2004-2010 model year light-duty trucks and medium-duty vehicles.

Emission performance of the ACAT Global Series 420000 Catalytic Converter was based on durability bench-aging by Umicore Autocat USA Inc. using the CARS-modified RAT-A bench-aging cycle for 75 hours, as specified by the California ARB. Emissions tests were conducted at SEMA Garage Emissions Laboratory in Diamond Bar, California, using a 2002 3.8L Buick Regal, test group 2GMXV03.8043 certified to the PC category Low Emissions Vehicle emissions standards.

ACAT is working with additional major OEM’s in the motorcycle and automotive industry to leverage its ground-breaking technologies. Rigorous testing regimens are being conducted so that ACAT Global can conduct government certification processes for more vehicle applications.

About ACAT Global

ACAT Global delivers cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions that cut emissions, improve reliability and enhance horsepower for a broad spectrum of internal combustion engine (ICE) applications worldwide. The company’s proprietary catalytic converter and exhaust technology is engineered for the most demanding on and off-road performance applications. These cost-effective products are 50-state compliant and typically less expensive than traditional products.

The ACAT Global portfolio of solutions includes metallic catalytic converters, ceramic catalytic converters and exhaust systems. Each of these advanced systems can be tailored to fit specific applications. From automotive to marine, off-road, motorcycle and power generators, ACAT Global makes the world cleaner – and greener – by optimizing the performance of ICEs. More information is available at