CARMEL, Calif. – August 2018 – Award-winning sculptor and Automotive Fine Arts Society member Tony Sikorski will debut six dynamic original sculptures during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, August 26th in Carmel, California. This is the 21st year that Lincoln Motor Company will sponsor the AFAS exhibit on the Pebble Beach show field.

This year’s theme might be considered a “license to thrill” as Sikorski has transformed classic nostalgia into contemporary art.

According to Tony Sikorski, “The process for creating the sculpture was as important as the finished piece. Each piece began with a trip to an antique store and, within that store, an antique license plate. The date of the license plate dictated the automotive era I would capture and was truly the inspiration. Blending vintage plates with classic themes means that each one will evoke a unique reaction that cannot be repeated or duplicated. Every sculpture is truly one-of-a-kind.”

With Ellis Island’s Statue of Liberty a prominent part of the artwork, and the driver almost hidden by the car’s cowl, the magnificence of the city is on full display. “Between the wars, of course,” said Sikorski, “the city’s growth was rapid. I’ve tried to capture the speed of that growth in the sense of motion surrounding the racecar.”

This is but one of six bold presentations made by Sikorski for this year’s Pebble Beach exhibition. Five of those six focus on competition cars, while the sixth represents commercial trucking of the era, in a medium that wholly speaks to the muscularity of the era. In gazing upon the truck and its footprint, you can fully appreciate its brute power – and, as was typical of the time, its lack of power steering.

Tony’s award-winning art has been displayed at numerous invitational motor sports art exhibitions. Additional information on Tony’s art can be found at this website.

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