Automotive Service Councils of California Announces Corporate Partnership with Catalytic Converter Leader ACAT Global

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – June 1, 2022 – The Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) is proud to announce a new corporate partnership with ACAT Global Inc. Available for domestic and import vehicles, ACAT Global’s Metallic Series Catalytic Converters are US federal compliant and also California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant for many applications under the Executive Orders published on the CARB website.

“Our American-made metallic substrate catalytic converters meet both federal and California emission requirements yet cost much less than those currently on the market,” said Joe Moch, CEO of ACAT Global. “A local shop can easily replace an OEM catalytic converter with one of ours if a unit no longer functions or was stolen.”  

ACAT Global manufactures sophisticated catalytic converters for internal combustion engine (ICE) applications worldwide. The company’s proprietary technology is engineered for the most demanding on and off-road performance applications. These cost-effective products are typically less expensive than traditional products. 

CARB requires vehicle manufacturers to include engine and emission equipment systems on their vehicles that reduce specific pollutants. Eventually, these emission control systems deteriorate over time and must be replaced. Frequently they are stolen and must be replaced to comply with emissions standards. An exemption from Vehicle Code Section 27156 (VC 27156), California’s anti-tampering law, is required before any add-on or modified part can be sold in California.

“Californians have actively battled climate change and pollution for 55 years,” said Gloria Peterson, Executive Director of ASCCA. “It is critical that shops have advanced systems available at a reasonable cost so consumers can comply with the law and help us all reach state emission goals.” 

ACAT Global’s catalytic converters are available as a universal or direct fit system through independent shops in California on vehicles from 48 different global car brands. Its reliable metallic catalysts use proprietary technology, engineered for easy installation, form, fit and function.

“We are excited to partner with ASCCA to give its members access to this reliable and innovative catalytic converter technology,” said Moch. “We’re working closely with various government agencies to implement retrofit programs, as well as replacement for stolen catalytic converters nationwide. We are developing new distribution channels and tools to teach technicians how to quickly install our technology on passenger vehicles. Shops using ACAT Global products can offer their customers a much less expensive, yet much more effective way to keep their vehicles compliant and help battle climate change.”

ACAT Global products are available now for all ASCCA members. For more information, visit or call (231) 437-5000.

About ACAT Global

ACAT Global delivers cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions that reduce Greenhouse Gases, meeting reliability and durability standards for all internal combustion engine applications worldwide. Their proprietary catalytic converter technology is engineered for the most demanding on and off-road applications. The company manufactures products for the Federal compliant and CARB compliant markets for a wide range of applications.

The ACAT Global portfolio of solutions includes either Ceramic substrate or proprietary Herringbone Pattern Metallic substrate, for universal or direct fit installation. All of these advanced product solutions can be tailored to fit specific applications. From automotive and truck to marine, off-road to recreational, motorcycle and power generators, ACAT makes the world cleaner and greener by optimizing the functionality of new or higher mileage, internal combustion engines. Visit for more information or to find a distributor for purchase.

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