Catalytic Converter Company ACAT Global to Introduce Theft Prevention Program at Madera Valley CAN Smog Repair Event

CHARLEVOIX, MICHIGAN – January 14, 2022ACAT Global, an innovator in emissions control technology for internal combustion engine powered vehicles, will introduce a theft prevention program at the Valley CAN smog repair event in Madera, California, on Saturday, January 22, at the Madera Fairgrounds. The event, which features free vehicle emission screenings and a $500 repair voucher for those failing the test, will include presentations by ACAT Global about their breakthrough catalytic converters and a new etching program that will help prevent thefts of the units. Repair vouchers can be used at approved local shops to install a proprietary metallic core converter from ACAT Global.

“Our metallic substrate catalytic converters meet both federal and California emission requirements, yet cost much, much less than those currently on the market,” said Joe Moch, CEO of ACAT Global. “I’ll be on site to explain how they can be installed easily by a local shop when one must be replaced because it doesn’t function or was stolen. Given the high cost of fuel today, ensuring your vehicles is operating properly is crucial to area drivers. And with our new etching program, thieves will avoid stealing ACAT Global units because it will be easy to prosecute them for felony theft.”

According to the California Air Resources Board (ARB), the transportation sector is responsible for an incredible 40 percent of the state’s overall greenhouse gas emissions and over 70 percent of all smog-forming emissions. Even more alarming is the fact that a mere 10 to 15 percent of California motor vehicles are responsible for over 50 percent of the light duty vehicle smog in the state.

Advocacy and consumer groups contend that many of the high-emitting vehicles belong to low-income households who cannot move to new, less polluting ones. An even more worrisome problem is that many older vehicles have failed emission control systems.

The worst offenders are typically vehicles that are 20 or more years old. According to ARB, that group of vehicles emit 30 times more smog-forming pollutants per mile than a 5-year-old car or truck.

Part of California’s challenge is that low-income residents tend to have trouble affording repairs that affect emissions. Catalytic converters often need to be replaced on these vehicles but can often cost more than residents can afford. And when those vehicles fail emission testing, many of them are driven without being registered. The ARB has estimated that up to 8 percent of all vehicles statewide are unregistered at any time.

Tragically, these vulnerable populations also tend to bear the brunt of the effects of air pollution. California minority communities are disproportionally impacted by substandard air quality, which increases the risk of respiratory disease.

The Valley Air District for the San Joaquin Valley in California and Valley CAN pioneered a program to help low-income consumers make emissions repairs using leading-edge catalytic converters. They have subsidized smog repairs for low-income drivers since 2005. So far, more than 70,000 drivers have used this offer to repair their vehicles in this largely rural area.

Madera area residents are encouraged to bring their vehicle to the Madera Fairgrounds (Madera Fairgrounds, 1850 Cleveland Ave Madera, CA 93637) from 8 am to noon if they think it needs smog related repairs for a free emissions test. If a vehicle fails, its owner gets a $500 voucher for emission-related repairs at a local STAR-certified smog shop. The money can only be used for diagnostics, smog testing, smog repair work (including catalytic converters) and certification.

This event only provides emissions screenings for gasoline powered vehicles; no diesels are tested. Official smog certificates will not be issued. The data collected is only used for internal reporting and is not shared with outside agencies.

ACAT Global representatives will demonstrate how each catalytic converter will be etched and the information put into a database. If a unit is stolen, the information will be available to law enforcement agencies. They will be alerted when a stolen catalytic converter is sold by a thief.

ACAT Global’s catalytic converters are available as a universal or direct fit system through independent shops in California on vehicles from 48 different global car brands. Its reliable metallic catalysts use proprietary technology, engineered for easy installation, form, fit and function.

About ACAT Global
ACAT Global delivers cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions that reduce Greenhouse Gases, meeting reliability and durability for all internal combustion engine applications worldwide. Their proprietary catalytic converter technology is engineered for the most demanding on and off-road applications. The company’s products are 50-state legal along with EPA or CARB compliant.

The ACAT Global portfolio of solutions includes either Ceramic substrate or proprietary Herringbone Pattern Metallic substrate, for universal or direct fit installation. All of these advanced product solutions can be tailored to fit specific applications. From automotive and truck to marine, off-road to recreational, motorcycle and power generators, ACAT makes the world cleaner and greener by optimizing the functionality of new or higher mileage, internal combustion engines. Visit for more information or to find a distributor for purchase.