Catalytic Converter Technology from ACAT Global Can Ease Gasoline Price Hike Shocks and Reduce Emissions

CHARLEVOIX, MICHIGAN – March 18, 2022 – Advanced catalytic converter technology available from ACAT Global can reduce the pain that Americans are experiencing at the gas pump, cutting their bills by as much as $280 per year while also significantly reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gases. Available for domestic and import vehicles, the emissions control technology in the company’s Metallic Series Catalytic Converters are US federal compliant; it is also California Air Resources Board compliant for many applications under the Executive Orders published on the CARB website.

Unfortunately, more automakers need to embrace the opportunity to help consumers save money by adding the robust catalytic converter solution to vehicles.

“The suffering of Americans at the pump would be much less if our technology was universally embraced,” said Joe Moch, CEO of ACAT Global. “Our proven, American made metallic catalytic converters can improve gas mileage by as much as 12 percent, which translates into huge savings for consumers, especially at current fuel prices. No one should have to choose between filling their tank to get to work and refilling their prescription or paying the rent.”

In addition to reducing consumer spending on fuel, ACAT Global’s metallic catalysts significantly reduce emissions without sacrificing performance. Whether an OEM catalytic converter needs to be replaced because it no longer functions or was stolen, it can easily be installed by a local shop. Compared to alternative industry standard ceramic solutions, ACAT’s technology performs 33 percent better for NMOG, 20 percent better for CO and 75 percent better in NOx reduction.

“We’re working closely with various government agencies to implement retrofit programs, as well as replacement for stolen catalytic converters nationwide,” said Moch. “We are developing new distribution channels and tools to teach technicians how to quickly install our technology on passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, existing legislation precludes implementation of our technology to many late model cars and some OEMs are slow to embrace the opportunity to incorporate it. We welcome any environmental, consumer and legislative group that wants to review our independent tests and help put this innovative solution into action immediately. The public deserves relief.”

ACAT is working with major OEMs in the automotive, motorcycle and recreational vehicle industries to leverage its ground-breaking technologies. Rigorous testing regimens are being conducted so that ACAT Global can conduct government certification processes for more vehicle applications. 

According to the United States EPA’s most recent data, Americans used 123.73 billion gallons of gasoline in 2020. With 228.2 million drivers, that equates to 542.68 gallons of gasoline for a total of $2,344.36 spent on fuel at an average price of $4.32 per gallon; this is the average for the USA per AAA. The EPA also published that the average vehicle reached 25.4 MPG in 2020. ACAT Global’s federal compliant technology can improve mileage by up to 3.5 MPG, raising the average to 28.9, which is about 12 percent better. That equates to a savings by the average American of $281.32. Consumers in areas with much higher prices, such as California, would enjoy much better savings. 

About ACAT Global

ACAT Global delivers cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions that reduce Greenhouse Gases, meeting reliability and durability for all internal combustion engine applications worldwide. Their proprietary catalytic converter technology is engineered for the most demanding on and off-road applications. The company manufactures products for the Federal compliant and CARB compliant markets for a wide range of applications.

The ACAT Global portfolio of solutions includes either Ceramic substrate or proprietary Herringbone Pattern Metallic substrate, for universal or direct fit installation. All of these advanced product solutions can be tailored to fit specific applications. From automotive and truck to marine, off-road to recreational, motorcycle and power generators, ACAT makes the world cleaner and greener by optimizing the functionality of new or higher mileage, internal combustion engines. Visit for more information or to find a distributor for purchase.