TPRM Digital Strategy

Your digital strategy needs structure. Posting on Facebook, for example, isn't a digital strategy. It's largely a waste of time, if your news isn't a part of a larger orchestrated campaign. Don't get left in the digital dust. Give us a call so we can assess what's working for you. Then let's sit down over lunch to discuss how you're already using these online tools, or how we can make them a part of your successful digital strategy.

  • Website design (UX)
  • Website development (desktop, tablet & mobile)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website analytics
  • Social media
  • PPC and online advertising
  • Email marketing

website and mobile designWebsite Design & Development (desktop, tablet & mobile)
You have less than 3 seconds to keep the attention of an online visitor. That means you need a delicate balance between design and function. We create engaging desktop and mobile websites.

SEO search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO creates a quality UX. But getting SEO working is only the start. We'll improve your SEO with quality, resourceful and unique content - and stay one step ahead of the new technology.

website analyticsWebsite Analytics
Website data is your road map to success. It helps you measure and analyze user activity. We'll set up and analyze your website traffic to help plan your digital marketing strategy.

social mediaSocial Media
Social media is an excellent means to connect with your customers. We'll manage all of your social media in-house using balanced content that's relevant to your business and audience.

pay per click advertisingPPC & Advertising
PPC and online advertising draws paid traffic to your site. Like day trading, you have to manage your "ad portfolio" daily to ensure optimum returns. Consider us your expert PPC day traders.

email marketingEmail Marketing
Email marketing is an effective way to reach customers in a place they visit every day. We can design, write, distribute and track the results of your email marketing in-house.