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KISSIMMEE, FLA. – June 23, 2017East Coast Defender has once again set the standard for custom Defender builds with its latest project, “Honey Badger,” a handcrafted Defender 90 featuring a powerful LS3 V-8 engine with a new manual transmission option. Built to withstand rugged, off-road abuse, the Honey Badger’s six-speed manual transmission is the most capable available and reflects the high-quality craftsmanship and engineering prowess of the ECD team.

“Our team has earned a reputation for pushing the envelope with each custom Defender that rolls out of The Rover Dome,” said Scott Wallace, East Coast Defender Co-Owner. “The latest project, ‘Honey Badger’ is a testament to our commitment to building the most capable civilian SUV’s in the world. This new drivetrain option mated to a powerful LS3 V-8, makes it as competent on the rocks of Moab as it is the streets of Miami.”

Each East Coast Defender SUV is a pure, handcrafted vehicle. Like its namesake implies, this “Honey Badger” is an aggressive vehicle that’s incredibly tough and capable of taking on the harshest terrain.

“Land Rover initially offered theV-8 Defender with a four-speed manual transmission,” said Tom Humble, East Coast Defender Co-owner. “The ‘Honey Badger’ commission was particularly exciting as it gave us a chance to build a D90 with a six-speed manual transmission hooked to a V-8, which gives the SUV some real bite.This is the ultimate salute to the origins of the Defender, but with a very contemporary edge.”

Each SUV is purpose-built to a client’s needs and specifications. This is the second Defender commissioned for this particular client, which speaks volumes about the design process and quality.

“The beauty of a manual transmission is the control that it gives a driver when navigating really difficult terrain,” said Elliot Humble, East Coast Defender Co-owner. “Serious off roaders want the ability to slowly work an SUV over rocks and loose gravel. Coupling the massive torque of the 6.2-liter V-8 to the six-speed manual will give the owner of Honey Badger the most flexible and engaging SUV possible for tough overland treks.”

Project Honey Badger performance specs include:

  • 6.2-liter, 430-hp Chevrolet LS3 V-8 engine
  • Six-speed Chevrolet T56 manual transmission
  • Upgraded transfer case with limited slip differential
  • Borla Exhaust
  • Ron Davis Radiator
  • Stainless brake and fuel lines

Project Honey Badger interior and convenience specs include:

  • Classic Instruments Moal Bomber gauges
  • Kenwood infotainment center with Backup camera and wifi
  • JBL speakers with subwoofer
  • Full LED lighting
  • Ivory leather Corbeau seats with black accent stitching
  • Quark steering wheel by MOMO

Project Honey Badger exterior and styling specs include:

  • Porsche Dunkelolive Metallic paint
  • 18-inch Sawtooth wheels with BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 tires.
  • Full roll cage

East Coast Defender was founded by three self-prescribed “British petrol heads,” brothers Tom and Elliot Humble, and Scott Wallace. Growing up in England, near the famous Lode Lane factory where the Defenders were produced, the three found themselves surrounded by Defenders throughout their childhood. East Coast Defender officially opened its facility in 2013 and has been building the world’s most celebrated, handcrafted Defenders since that time. Today, the company is based in Kissimmee, Florida, where every ECD custom Defender SUV is built by hand in the company’s 21,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, called the Rover Dome.

Visit www.EastCoastDefender.com for more information and to learn how to own a handcrafted, custom engineered Defender.

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About East Coast Defender
Located in Kissimmee, Florida, East Coast Defender is an award-winning builder of premium Land Rover Defenders. With over 25 years of Land Rover Defender building experience, ECD has earned a reputation for its commitment to perfection, its dedication to build quality and its ability to maintain the heritage of the Defender while modernizing it for clients. East Coast Defender has grown tremendously and has expanded the term “luxury vehicle” to “all-terrain multi-functional luxury vehicle.” East Coast Defender currently has over 30 full-time employees in its 21,000 square-foot facility. For more information, please visit EastCoastDefender.com or call (407) 483-4825.