Original Venice Crew Inks Distribution Agreement With DiMora Motorcar for Continuation 1965 Shelby G.T.350 Competition Cars

LOS ANGELES – March 15, 2019 – The Original Venice Crew (OVC) signed an agreement making DiMora Motorcar an authorized distributor of the continuation 1965 Ford Shelby G.T.350 Competition Model sports cars. This agreement will extend the availability of the limited-edition Shelby cars worldwide.

“Our Shelby G.T.350 competition model continuation sports car is an incredible machine designed for those who demand the best,” said Jim Marietta, CEO of OVC. “It is crucial that this limited-edition Shelby is represented by individuals who recognize the rarity and importance of the car, and the unique requirements of enthusiasts who value it. DiMora Motorcar designs high-end luxury limited-edition cars for their clientele worldwide. We believe that this new agreement is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.”

OVC began with former Shelby American employees Peter Brock, Jim Marietta, and Ted Sutton, who worked on many key projects at Carroll Shelby’s Princeton Drive facility in 1965, including the first “R- Model” Shelby G.T.350 (5R002). Brock designed key features for the continuation car when Marietta and Sutton formed the “Original Venice Crew” in 2015. Sutton also helped create the prototype 427 Shelby Cobra and Sunbeam Tiger while at Shelby American in the 1960s.

OVC assembles the cars at the Shelby facility in Southern California, just as Carroll Shelby and the racers did in 1965. Each OVC built Shelby G.T.350 begins with the same Mustang, equipped with a High-Po 289 c.i.d. engine and a Borg Warner 4-speed.

“OVC’s 1965 Shelby is the most authentic continuation car I’ve ever seen,” said Sir Alfred J. DiMora, founder of DiMora Motorcar. “Based on the original K code Mustangs and built by the same individuals who created the initial R model inside a Southern California Shelby facility, it is truly a piece of history. The degree of craftsmanship is so incredible that we’re proud to offer the automobiles through DiMora Motorcar.”

The car bodies are fully reconditioned and built to American “competition” specs. Customers can choose between the traditional 9-inch fixed rear end or independent rear suspension. All feature an engine supplied by the Carroll Shelby Engine Company which is coupled to a period correct 4-speed transmission and authentic Shelby shifter. Customers can also choose between an FIA model and Bondurant edition car, and the standard model.

OVC has licenses from Carroll Shelby Licensing and Ford Motor Company to build a run of 36 of the continuation 1965 Ford Shelby G.T.350 Competition Model cars. OVC is the only company with this dual authority.

The sports cars receive an OVC/Shelby serial number. Documentation is submitted to the Shelby American Automobile Club Registry, and the official Shelby American Registry administered by Carroll Shelby International.

Additional information is available at www.ovcmustangs.com.

About DiMora Motorcar
DiMora Motorcar offers distinctive limited-edition transportation solutions. The DiMora Neoclassic series of luxury automobiles includes the Vicci 6.2 now in production, and the Adina, now in the prototype phase. Sir Alfred J. DiMora co-founded the Sceptre Motorcar Company, whose Sceptre 6.6S received Best-of-Show honors at the Los Angeles Auto Expo 78. DiMora also founded the new Clenet Coachworks, Inc. in the 1980s to continue designing and building the Clenet series of automobiles. When President Reagan declared 1986 the Centennial Year of the Gasoline-Powered Automobile, DiMora’s Clenet was selected as the Official Centennial Car, resulting in honors for DiMora and the Clenet at the Automobile Hall of Fame in Michigan. For more information, please visit www.dimoramotorcar.com

About the Original Venice Crew
Founded by Jim Marietta, the Original Venice Crew (OVC) is the only company authorized by both Carroll Shelby Licensing and Ford Motor Company to build continuation Ford Shelby G.T.350 Competition Models with the optional independent rear suspension and Shelby series serial number. Founded and operated by three of the people who built the first Shelby G.T. 350 Competition Model (5R002) over 50 years ago, the company will manufacture just 36 of these new “Competition Model” 1965 cars in the Shelby facility in Southern California. Each car has production versions of aerodynamic and design enhancements by Peter Brock. These new enhancements were not integrated into the cars during 1964/5 due to cost considerations and market timing pressures. Documentation of the cars will be submitted to the Shelby American Automobile Club Registry and Shelby American Registry administered by Carroll Shelby International. Additional information is at www.ovcmustangs.com