TimePiece PR and Digital Marketing

TimePiece Public Relations and Digital Marketing has been driving enthusiast brands since 1997. Why "TimePiece"? Because we believe that time is of the essence when it comes to accelerating your brand's growth. 

Our agency was founded by Scott Black, who has a deep passion for anything that has an engine and moves at incredible speeds. His passion fueled TimePiece's growth over the last (almost) two decades. We've worked with many top auto OEMs, as well as related parts and services companies. And what we've learned is that the same kind of passion that moves auto enthusiasts, can be found in every vertical market. Our agency's "secret sauce" is knowing how, when and where to tap into the enthusiasts who love, want and need your brand!

Today, TimePiece is comprised of a savvy team of brand professionals who work with clients in energy, medical and a host of other business service markets. Our clients appreciate the simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency of our approach to creating emotionally-charged strategies that drive their brand's growth.

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