Kent Billingsley

Kent Billingsley - President, The Revenue Growth Company

Kent Billingsley is an international keynote speaker, a highly acclaimed management consultant, and an international business growth expert. He travels the world turning good businesses into fast growth companies and good workers into wealthy leaders.

In more than three decades, Billingsley has taught thousands of executives in over 30 countries how to grow their businesses faster, better, and smarter. Many of his clients have won awards for their fast growth and business success. In addition, hundreds of CEOs, business owners, and salespeople have become millionaires as a result of using Billingsley’s concepts and strategies. (Learn More)
Melinda Marcus

Melinda Marcus - Founder, inPSYCHS

Melinda Marcus has been named one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Working Women in America” by Glamour magazine and “One of the Five Women to Watch in the Southwest” by ADWEEK magazine.

Before starting her own firm in 1985, she was the first female Creative Director at The Richards Group. National and regional clients, including Fortune 500 companies and Fortune 100 privately held companies, have tapped her expertise in persuasive marketing and communications. She also has been engaged as a strategic alliance by public relations firms to overcome critical communications challenges, including high-profile issues for NFL teams, hospitals and defense contractors. (Learn More)