IRVINE, Calif. – June 28, 2018Shelby Legendary Cars, the official distributor of authentic 1960’s Shelby continuation Cobras, Daytona Coupes and GT40s, has announced a newly-formed alliance with the Original Venice Crew, the Gardena, California-based team building a limited series of Shelby GT350 Competition Models. This agreement will make the classic sports cars available to a new global audience of auto enthusiasts as the famous “Shelby Cobra Caravan” from 1965 is reborn.

With the agreement, Shelby Legendary Cars will offer the OVCs Shelby GT350 cars from its Irvine, California showroom. The Original Venice Crew will install powertrains for customers of Shelby Legendary’s continuation Cobras.

“We could not be more fired-up by our relationship with Original Venice Crew,” said Lance Stander, CEO of Shelby Legendary Cars. “We’ve been extremely proud to offer Carroll Shelby’s iconic Cobra and GT40 based motorcars. By adding the OVC Shelby GT350 to our showroom,  our motorsport menu is that much more visceral. Whether you recall this historic era, or simply want to recapture that time and place in your garage, the addition of OVC’s Mustang completes the historic picture, while significantly expanding our offering of cars.”

With the agreement, Shelby Legendary Cars will assume the retail sale of OVC Shelby Mustangs in its Irvine, California, showroom. At the same time, the Original Venice Crew will undertake the installation of drivetrains in those continuation Cobras sold by Shelby Legendary Cars. OVC is well-versed in Cobra construction. Team members were part of the Shelby operation in 1965, when development of the original 427 Cobra was completed. Ted Sutton, one of the founding members of the OVC, was an integral part of the team putting the big block Ford on the track and – subsequently – into Shelby showrooms.

“The original Cobra Caravan, which Carroll launched to commemorate the Manufacturer’s Championship win in 1965, included a GT40, Daytona Coupe, Cobra and Shelby Mustang,” said Jim Marietta, CEO of Original Venice Crew. “With the addition of our Shelby GT350 comp model to the Shelby Legendary Cars showroom, the Caravan, so to speak, is again complete. And we couldn’t be happier in our involvement with the continuation Cobras.”

Shelby Legendary Cars currently offers Shelby Cobras, Daytona Coupes and GT40s, all of which feature continuation CSX serial numbers and are registered in the Official Shelby Register. Lance Stander is the company’s CEO, while Deborah Stander serves as its CFO.

The Original Venice Crew began production of a limited series of 1965 Shelby GT350s in the fall of 2017. OVC is comprised of former Shelby American employees Jim Marietta, Ted Sutton and Peter Brock. Production begins with the same 1965 K-Code Mustang, equipped with a 289 V-8 and Borg Warner 4-speed, that served as the basis for the Shelby GT350 that year.

About Shelby Legendary Cars
Shelby Legendary Cars continues the heritage of Shelby American’s world famous 1960’s Cobras, Coupes and GT40’s. The company is keeping the Shelby flame alive with licensed vehicles that include a documented Shelby serial number, just as though production never ended. The current vehicle lineup includes the nimble small block Shelby Cobra roadster in both street and racing (FIA) configurations, the mighty big block Cobra roadster, the world champion Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe and the Le Man-winning GT40. Each one honors the 1960s era cars with authentic chassis, bodies and powertrain options. Additional information is at or or by calling (800) 297-6253.

About the Original Venice Crew
Founded by Jim Marietta, the Original Venice Crew (OVC) is the only company authorized by both Carroll Shelby Licensing and Ford Motor Company to build continuation Ford Shelby G.T.350 Competition Models with the optional independent rear suspension and Shelby series serial number. Founded and operated by three of the people who built the first Shelby G.T. 350 Competition Model (5R002) over 50 years ago, the company will manufacture just 36 of these new “Competition Model” 1965 cars in the Shelby facility in Southern California. Each car has production versions of aerodynamic and design enhancements by Peter Brock. These new enhancements were not integrated into cars during in 1964/5 due to cost considerations and market timing pressures. Documentation of the cars will be submitted to the Shelby American Automobile Club Registry and Shelby American Registry administered by Carroll Shelby International. Additional information is at