SMPR Launches Utility Industry’s First Android-based Meter Reading App

PLANO, TEXAS – Jan. 12, 2016 – SmartPhone Meter Reading, LLC (SPMR), a new provider of water, gas and electric meter reading solutions,announced today the first full-featured meter reading system for Android smartphones.  The robust SPMR meter reading app eliminates the need for traditional and expensive handheld field computers that require extensive user training, complicated software updates and long-term service contracts.

“SPMR is quite possibly the fastest growing meter reading solution in the world because it leverages the widespread use and power of smartphones,” said Andy Kercher, president of SPMR. “Not only does our app replace bulkier handheld devices, but it’s available with all of the robust product attributes of today’s Android phones such as GPS, mapping, photos and real time data transfer. And with SPMR, meter reading organizations are no longer required to purchase expensive handheld computers or sign long-term contracts.”

The SPMR meter reading app is compatible with Android-based smartphones and can be easily downloaded via a texted link. Using a smartphone’s GPS technology, the app captures the coordinates of reading activity, pinpointing the exact location.  This helps resolve customer disputes, optimizes reader performance and aids in locating meters and other utility field assets. As a reader records each meter’s data, SPMR automatically uploads it in real-time via the phone’s cell data network or via WiFi. A photo of the meter or other on-premise issues can be associated with the reading record to resolve disputes and make better management decisions.  All data is uploaded to a secure Cloud Server and can be accessed at any time by the SPMR web users via a password protected interface. The smartphone app can be remotely disabled in the event an employee leaves the company or loses a phone.

“There really is no downside to the SmartPhone Meter Reading System,” said Kercher. “We’ve turned an Android-based smart phone into a meter reading solution that is simple, economical and flexible for anyone who reads meters.Utilities, contract meter reading companies and multi-family real estate managers no longer need to set aside large budgets to purchase and warranty meter reading computers or negotiate extensive contracts. For a fraction of the cost they spend on meter reading devices, they can now download our SPMR app and pretty much immediately begin collecting and securely transferring meter reading data.”

For more information about the SPMR app or to request an online demo, visit or call 214-540-5050.

About SmartPhone Meter Reading LLC (SPMR)
SmartPhone Meter Reading, LLC (SPMR) is based in Plano, Texas, with resources that tally more than 200 years of combined meter reading experience. Their innovative Android-based SmartPhone Meter Reading System was launched in January 2016. For more information visit or contact Aaron Cook at or (214) 520-3430 x.306,