TPRM Social Media

Social media is among the most widely used - yet widely abused - marketing strategies. And, since 93% of buying decisions are based on social media, ignoring it (or doing it wrong) can be detrimental. 

TimePiece takes amateur hour out of social media. We'll develop a strategy that uses the best media channels to manage your social reputation. With our expertise in writing, posting and monitoring content, your company will expand its reach, increase online visibility and improve brand loyalty. 

  • Create content that exemplifies brand values
  • Promote news and events on appropriate channels
  • Increase number of fans, followers, shares, etc. 

If Facebook was a country, it'd be the 3rd largest in the world. And since a customer chooses to like your page, it's a low-cost way to engage with your customers and build brand loyalty.

Twitter is the ideal medium for businesses involved with in-the-moment developments. It's perfect for pushing deals and interacting casually with clients.

LinkedIn helps you keep tabs on your business acquaintances and network. More specifically, it helps you stay relevant in professional communities no matter your long-term career goal.

A picture is worth a thousand words - and Instagram puts you squarely in front of a visual audience. We can help you develop visuals that have the potential to go viral.

Pinterest is one of the best ways to showcase your business' products and services. You want to make it easy for Pinterest users to “Pin” articles and images from your website.

Snapchat's not just for millennials. Your business can use Snapchat to create tutorials about your products or services - or ask users for photos of them using your product.