SPMR Introduces World’s Most Inexpensive Advanced Metering Infrastructure System For Water Utilities

PLANO, TEXAS – Feb. 3, 2021 – SPMR, LLC, which provides robust water, gas and electric meter reading solutions, has introduced CYCLOPS®, the world’s most inexpensive Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. Water utilities have already lined up for SPMR’s CYCLOPS System, which is an innovative, two-way AMI water solution that delivers fast and cost-effective automation of virtually any meter, direct read or encoded output.

“CYCLOPS is the easiest and least expensive way for a water utility to immediately realize the benefits of AMI,” said Andy Kercher, president of SPMR. “For as little as 50% of the cost of traditional systems, a utility can implement CYCLOPS. That’s because meters don’t need to be replaced and backhaul infrastructure doesn’t need to be built. With the CYCLOPS System starting at only $6,000, the ROI for a utility seeking to solve specific reading challenges is incredible, especially since installation is painless, fast and can be completed by utility staff. The bottom line is that CYCLOPS is a game-changer that can transform an entire water utility for years to come.”

The CYCLOPS MIU is available in two connection types: a Camera End model for automating direct read meters and a Wire End model for attaching to encoded output meters. The units are available in 10 and 20-year battery configurations to optimize the ROI goals of utilities. All components (Camera End module, MIU body and the internal battery assembly) are fully potted for environmental integrity.

The CYCLOPS Camera End MIU allows utilities to automate direct read registers by photographing and delivering a “reading” of the odometer. The Camera End unit is easily installed directly over a meter’s odometer; because of its innovative design, it does not interfere with the ability to visually read the meter.

“Many utilities have been unable to implement AMI because of the cost, complexity and sheer scope of traditional solutions,” said Kercher. “But a CYCLOPS MIU can be deployed on virtually any direct read register and on all 3-wire encoded output registers. That means utilities don’t need to initiate expensive and problematic meter replacement programs in order to automate. They don’t have to replace perfectly functioning direct read meters in the middle of their useful lives and they don’t have to build costly and maintenance-intensive private networks.”​​

CYCLOPS units transmit securely over existing cellular networks as opposed to proprietary network hardware. All data is sent at night over existing cellular infrastructure and posted to the CYCLOPS Web Portal for detailed reporting, validation, and ultimately, export to billing.

The CYCLOPS MIUs also communicate with the CYCLOPS Web Portal for configuration commands. Each unit broadcasts data including its unique serial number, meter reading data, photos and applicable status indicators. The messages are transmitted over a secure point-to-point cellular network connection that includes a real-time acknowledgment from the CYCLOPS Web Portal. Units can remotely be configured for reading/photo intervals and for their transmit frequency. This design eliminates the need for onsite programming, saving time and money.

“Initially, we quietly offered a few CYCLOPS systems to a handful of utilities for their evaluation,” said Kercher. “When word spread, water utilities began to line up for their own pilot program. Harlingen Waterworks, along with utilities in Killeen, Texas, Crescent City, California, Livingston, Tennessee, Cushing, Oklahoma, and North Lauderdale, Mississippi, were among the first to commit. We’re currently fielding requests from across the United States by forward-thinking utility executives who want to deliver the many benefits of AMI to their customers at an affordable cost.”

For more information about SPMR solutions or to request an online demonstration, visit  www.spmrsmart.com or call (214) 540-5050.

SPMR LLC is based in Plano, Texas, with resources that tally more than 200 years of combined utility industry experience. The company provides robust water, gas and electric meter reading solutions. High profile products include the smartphone-based SPMR Meter Reading System for manual reading and now, the CYCLOPS® Meter Independent Meter Interface Unit (MIU). For more information, visit www.spmrsmart.com.