Still “Squeezing the Charmin”?

I was running around taking care of some errands with my 14-year-old son when a rather juvenile conversation started up that led me to caution, “well, don’t squeeze the Charmin!”  The look on his face said it all.  “Don’t squeeze the what?”

Brands evolve.  Well, at least the ones that thrive do. While Mr. Whipple was a staple character of my childhood (as was Wendy’s little old “where’s the beef?” lady), his character doesn’t resonate or connect with today’s audience.  Even Ronald McDonald has had makeovers – from something that frightened me as a child, to a clown that has a little more hip in his hop.

And consider the Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford Motor Company and Levi’s logos, as well. While subtle, their logos have changed over the decades to be more relevant to the current generation who buys their products. But it wasn’t just their logos that changed.  It was their product offering – and even their packaging that stayed fresh and relevant. (I’ll go into more detail about some of that later).

Now, on the other side of the argument I present to you Sears Department Store.  Stepping into a Sears store today is a frightening experience for me.  It’s a time warp back to the wonder years when we bought my Toughskin jeans right across the aisle from the lawnmowers and weed whackers. Yah, walk in today and there’s still no evolution. No vision. And no way I’m buying reinforced-knee jeans from there ever again.

So take it from today’s updated (and relevant) Charmin spokesbear – nobody likes to (be) left behind!

If you’re a company that’s struggling in today’s market of over production and over promotion, you might consider the last time your brand had a refresh. Are you making relevant moves that engage your buying demographic?  (Do you even know who your buying demographic is?).

If you need some help strategizing how your company can thrive today, we’re here.  Shoot, even TimePiece has evolved our brand over the last twenty years.  And we’re here to tell you about it because we do it right.