Superformance Begins Development of Vehicles Following New NHTSA Regulations for Replica Car Sales

IRVINE, Calif. Jan. 25, 2021 Executives with Superformance announced that the company has been aggressively pursuing development of cars that can be offered under the new rules issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which permit low volume motor vehicle manufacturers to sell replica cars that resemble vehicles produced at least 25 years ago. Superformance plans to develop compliant versions of its GT40, Mark II and III Roadsters and Corvette Grand Sport for customers worldwide.

“Congress enacted a bill into law during 2015 that streamlined requirements for small automakers, however implementation was delayed while waiting for NHTSA regulations,” said Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance. “Over the past several years, we worked on processes and vehicles that we believe complied. Now that the rules have been issued, we are fast-tracking our plans to sell replica cars that enthusiasts have clamored to own. We’ll work closely with SEMA, engine suppliers and Federal regulators to ensure that we offer exciting vehicles within their framework. The goal is to deliver compliant vehicles by the end of this year.”

The Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) led the efforts to craft and enact this legislation. According to SEMA, the replica car law and implementing regulations allow a low volume manufacturer like Superformance to construct up to 325 such replica cars a year subject to federal regulatory oversight.

The cars must resemble production vehicles manufactured at least 25 years ago and meet current model year emissions standards. In 2019, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued guidelines for installing engine packages from other EPA-certified vehicles and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued a regulation for producing compliant engine packages. SEMA sued NHTSA in October 2019 to require the agency to issue regulations allowing the law to take effect. NHTSA issued a proposed rule in January 2020.

The regulation does not take effect until it is officially published in the Federal Register. Low volume vehicle manufacturers will then be required to register with NHTSA, EPA, and CARB before selling vehicles and thereafter submit annual reports on vehicle productions. Enthusiasts still have the option to build a car from a kit but now they may also purchase a turn-key replica car.

Superformance currently offers a full line of high-performance cars. Sold as a rolling chassis, each Superformance car can be configured for heritage or modern drivetrains. The cars are sold minus engine and transmission. The selection, purchase and installation of the drivetrain are the responsibility of the purchaser. Orders are now being accepted. For more information, visit

About Superformance

Superformance LLC has been a distributor of complete rolling chassis of racecars, streetcar replicas and continuation Shelby Cobra’s since 1994. Superformance products are aesthetically and dimensionally correct and are engineered in the image of some of the most iconic classic sports cars. All vehicles are built under license from trademark holders including Ford, Shelby, GM and SAFIR GT40, adding authenticity and value.

Superformance has one of the world’s largest specialty car production facility. Superformance has produced and distributed more than 5,500 rolling chassis through 20 independent dealerships worldwide. The Superformance rolling chassis is completely assembled and ready for the buyer to install any drivetrain of their choice.

Superformance has an owner’s forum and a car registry. Additional information is available at, by email at or by calling (800) 297-6253.