Taste of Motorsports Announces Trifecta of Spectacular 2022 Automotive Enthusiast Events

Portland – December 27, 2021 – Sponsored by some of the most famous automotive marques in the world, Taste of Motorsports will show the public the future of automotive experiences through a trio of spectacular events in 2022. Three amazing weekends at famous racetracks in Arizona, California and Oregon will combine gourmet food, performance and luxury vehicle displays and demonstration rides in the most exciting cars in the world.

“The Taste of Motorsports is a truly unique experiential event combining premier sportscar offerings, and culinary nirvana at world class tracks,” said Stephanie Floyd, CEO of Taste of Motorsports, Inc. “We will tantalize every sense, from taste and sound to the thrill of rapid motion. Each destination has its own unique flavor, making our experiences the ultimate trifecta for the enthusiast.”

Over two days, the art of motoring will be celebrated by the automakers, dealers, clubs and enthusiasts. Celebs and motorsports royalty will mingle with fellow enthusiasts on and off the track.

“No other event matches our combination of offerings,” said Tom Floyd, Taste of Motorsports partner. “Those who attend can explore a curated collection of exotic cars while savoring delicious fare. Best of all, they can socialize with others who enjoy this rarified lifestyle and revel in the passion for premium automobiles.”

A key feature of Taste of Motorsports is the “Demo Experience,” giving the public the perfect environment to evaluate their next performance car. Attendees can learn about the vehicles from an “insider’s perspective” within the safe environment of a proper racetrack. Some of the most exciting automotive brands in the world are traditionally part of the events, such as Ferrari, Shelby, Porsche, Corvette, Aston Martin, Bentley and Lamborghini.

“Taste of Motorsports Experience is a weekend filled with fast cars, fine food, fantastic scenery and fabulous friends,” said Stephanie Floyd. “The first day is a private affair where automakers and dealers invite their patrons for thrill rides in high performance cars, vehicle introductions and personal presentations at the track. That evening, we will have a VIP reception at a very special location, such as Tonkin Ferrari.

The following day is open to the public with General Admission tickets available. From exotics to performance sedans, SUV’s and the latest electric vehicles, guests will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities in them. They will enjoy ‘high G’ thrill rides on the big track and breathtaking short course blasts. There is no better way to experience the features of today’s automotive offerings.”

Taste of Motorsports events in 2022 will take place at:

Registrations are now being accepted for the events online at tasteofmotorsports.com. Additional information is also available on the website.

About Taste of Motorsports
America’s premier lifestyle automotive events, Taste of Motorsports transports enthusiasts into the future of auto shows to experience the latest automotive offerings in the dynamic setting of world class racetracks. From exotics to performance sedans, SUV’s and the latest electric vehicles, guests can sample a wide range of activities from high-speed thrill rides on the big track to breathtaking short course blasts. Attendees enjoy the festival atmosphere as they test drive high-performance vehicles, ogle a display of exotic cars including and to enjoy a full array of gourmet food all day long.