PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – Aug. 08, 2016 – Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS) member Tony Sikorski will test conventions of automotive art with his sculptures at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® on Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., in Pebble Beach, California. A master of crafting automobiles in a never-before-seen way, Sikorski is known for simplifying the shape of the automobile into pure design elements and then adding unique twists.

“I fell in love with automobiles early in life and have sustained that passion ever since,” said Sikorski. “With my sculptures, I start with the basic foundation of an automobile and transform it with unique styles, colors and proportions. My latest pieces stretch new boundaries in shape and color.”

Ranging in sizes from 21” to 24”, Sikorski’s sculptures were created using a variety of mediums featuring fascinating angles and proportions. His sculpture titled “California Gran Tour” depicts a luminous silver-plated and etched car with a navy color scheme. This sculpture features a smooth, sleek style from front to back that resembles a futuristic racer.

“I wanted to create a futuristic piece that celebrated the sleek and sophisticated style of modern race cars,” said Sikorski. “The silver polish on this particular piece, highlights the bold dark colors to create eye-catching work of art that is sure to turn heads at Pebble Beach.”

Incorporating a geometric frame along with razor-sharp detailing and cutting-edge lining, this vibrant orange and silver sculpture titled “Orange Crush uses an aesthetically appealing color palette. Slick with fresh paint and innovative design, this vehicle is striking because of its sharp features.

“I experimented with the idea of a geometric, yet stunningly smooth vehicle,” said Sikorski. “No two sculptures are exactly alike. Each style, medium and color scheme has its merit and all are striking visual representations of cars that would turn heads driving down the road.”

Commissioned by corporations and private collectors worldwide, Sikorski’s talents have been highly sought after since his career began in 1963, when he won a scholarship to the Ivy Art Institute of Graphic Design in Pittsburgh. His work has earned recognition from publications such as Car Collector, Robb Report, Mobilia, Automobile Magazine and AutoWeek.

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